Wayback Machine VS MyDrop.io

Wayback Machine (Web Archive) and MyDrop.io are two different services. The old content from the website can be restored both through Wayback Machine and MyDrop.io. However, MyDrop.io recovers data from its own database, not from the Web Archive.

7 key differences and features of Web Archive and MyDrop.io

1. The purpose of Web Archive is to preserve the cultural heritage of the Internet. It is stated here. Website recovery is just a side tool that webmasters have invented. Hence all the shortcomings of the websites recovered through Web Archive – its creators do not ponder much about what webmasters should do after them.

2. MyDrop.io is a service created by webmasters for webmasters. Its purpose is to enable webmasters to restore the most complete and relevant websites. The service database is created independently of Web Archive.

3. Number of websites. MyDrop saves data on all released domains, while Web Archive stores data only on some of them.

4. Number of pages. Most often, Web Archive stores far fewer pages for each website compared to MyDrop. The purpose of Web Archive is to save only the most important pages. The purpose of MyDrop is to save as much as possible for a specific website.

5. Relevance of the content. The age of each page stored in Web Archive may vary. Sometimes the difference is so noticeable that some pages have an old design after restoration.
MyDrop stores data for each website that is several weeks or days old. Accordingly, the content restored via MyDrop is the most relevant.

6. URLs and links. Due to the specifics of Web Archive, the original page addresses often are not preserved but replaced with new ones. However, old URLs are very important for restoring former traffic that was delivered to the website from search engines, bookmarks and links. Now that the pages have new addresses, the old ones will respond with 404, respectively.
MyDrop keeps the original page addresses (symbol by symbol) + all internal links retain their original spelling.

7. Traffic and positions on the website after recovery. Proceeding from features 4, 5, and 6, one can guess that the website restored through Web Archive will most likely not be able to save the old positions and traffic, due to the lack of pages and the change of the old page addresses to the new ones. MyDrop solves this problem.

... therefore, we recommend to think about long-term benefits rather than short-term savings. Restore websites and earn with MyDrop.io.