Idea behind is used for searching for expired domains by a large number of parameters and for restoring the content that used to be located on these domains before deletion.

1. What are expired domains?

A expired domain is a domain name which registration term has already expired, and it is in the period of pre-emptive renewal by the current administrator at the moment. Once the period of pre-emptive renewal ends, this domain can be intercepted – if you plan this in advance and make a bid on one of the auctions for vacated domains.

The length of the pre-emptive renewal period varies for different domain zones. For example, it is 30 days for RU domains and can be up to 75 days for gTLD domains.

2. Why are domains with parameters needed?

Domains with parameters are needed to ensure that a new owner has the maximum guarantee of visitors (traffic) or "value" for search engines after the domain successful interception. MyDrop tracks a large number of parameters for each domain.

3. Why does old content need to be restored on the domain?

A correctly restored website guarantees that traffic will return to the domain. If you restore the previously published content on the domain in a timely manner, you can regain traffic to the website very fast (sometimes the very next day).

MyDrop allows to restore content on any vacated domain (if there was any) that will meet the following criteria:

  • Each website has the largest possible number of pages and files for recovery;
  • All URLs on the restored website correspond to URLs that were on the website before deletion.